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Port Credit - Committee of Adjustment

NOTICES:  Notices are issued to local residents and businesses when Port Credit development applications, or individual property owners, require a Hearing for minor variance(s) before Mississauga's Committee of Adjustment (website), which meets in the COUNCIL CHAMBER at City Hall (300 City Centre Drive, 2nd Floor) on Thursday afternoons starting at 1:30 pm.  Hearings are live-streamed and then archived (i.e. may be viewed online).

A Notice of Hearing is also posted on the subject property, and any member of the public may comment if they believe they are affected by the variance(s) requested.

AGENDAS:  All Hearing Agendas, Notices, staff Comments related to specific Notices, and Committee Decisions, are posted on the Committee of Adjustment website.

TO COMMENT:  If you wish to send an e-mail with your comments about one of the Notices (for Ward 1) appearing on a Hearing Agenda, you should address it to Sean Kenney, Secretary of the Committee of Adjustment, copied to Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Dasko, citing the Hearing Date and File No. (which appears on the Notice).

NOTE: The public is also welcome to attend the Hearings and address the Committee directly when the Chair asks for any verbal comments concerning a particular file.

Please also consider copying in order that the TOPCA Executive can better represent your views in any formal TOPCA response to the Committee.


December 14, 2017:  TOPCA submitted a Letter to the Committee of Adjustment [3p PDF] re: File 'A' 533/17 (Ward 1) on the CofA Agenda (pp48-49), concerning 115 High Street West, owned by HIGH BENSON HOLDINGS INC, who requested a Reduction in the on-site parking standard. ► View the TOPCA Lakeshore-Benson-High site webpage.

September 21, 2017:  TOPCA submitted a Letter to the Committee of Adjustment [3p PDF] re: File 'A' 405/17 (Ward 1) on the CofA Agenda (pp26-27), concerning 91 Park Street East, being the former Port Credit Bowling Green site.  Use as a temporary GO Station commuter parking lot is requested by the City. ► View the TOPCA GO Station webpage.