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TOPCA Projects

BIKE PLANTERS - SMALL PROJECT MATCHING GRANT:  At the TOPCA Heritage Bike Tour (September 29, 2019) we were thrilled to announce that TOPCA is the recipient of a Small Project Matching Grant (program description) from the City of Mississauga, to help us maintain our 'fleet' of painted bicycle planters over the next year.  The grant is directed towards painting supplies and new winter baskets which will provide a festive touch to the village during the cold months.

As well, we have received the City's go-ahead and support to install four (4) new bike planters around Port Credit which will have Spring plantings next year thanks to the grant.

All the bikes will bear new 'licence plates' with TOPCA contact information and also advising of the City's financial contribution to our bike planter project.  This new 'communications' feature for the bikes was written into our grant application and is an on-the-spot, public way to credit the City for its support this year.

We often see the TOPCA bike planters photographed, especially the 'signature' red one at the Port Credit Harbour, seen here (above) after its paint job (Summer 2019) with the help of students from Iona Catholic Secondary School (Twitter photos).

The Grant Program Project Theme for 2019 is: 'MOVE' - Active Transportation.  We can't think of a better way to have Port Credit residents and visitors "think bike" and consider riding their own bicycle around the village and beyond, to better enjoy the scenic waterfront and access the vibrant main street shops!

UPDATE (December 2019): We have completed the installation of festive winter baskets on the existing bike planter fleet, including the now snow-covered red Harbour bike (Twitter).

TOPCA's 2019 WATERFRONT HERITAGE BIKE TOUR:  Our annual FREE group bike ride for Culture Days.  This year: Heritage Bike Tour of the Port + Waterfront on Sunday, September 29, 2019 @ 10am - 12noon Full-sized POSTER.

REGISTER:  (CLOSED) Please e-mail with the name(s) of all those who will be participating with your group, indicating any minors (i.e. if under 18) with their exact ages.  If any in the group have separate e-mail addresses, please 'cc' them when registering.  That's it!  We will keep you informed by e-mail about the Ride (e.g. the final map, any weather details).  See: Participation Notes (below).

LATE REGISTRATION:  (CLOSED) E-mails sent tonight (Saturday) will be checked first thing in the morning (Sunday).  "Walk-ins" are also possible if you come to the check-in @ 9:30 am to review and sign the Waiver.

WAIVER:  All participants must sign the 2019 Waiver and Release (2p-PDF) prior to participating.  Parents / guardians must sign for all minors (under 18 years old), and accompany them on the ride.  Please print, sign, and bring the Waiver (one for each participant) to the event.  Additional copies of the Waiver will be available for signing at the ride check-in.

FORECAST:  Looks good!  We're Rain or Shine (within reason) but would post on all communication platforms and e-mail all registrants should there be a concern of any kind.  Remember it is always cooler by the Lake.

Image in Poster: TOPCA's red-painted bike planter at the Port Credit Harbour is one of the most-photographed landmarks in Port Credit!

ROUTE:  View / download *FINAL* GPS file.  *NEW* The 14 km round-trip is designed to enable a half-route, still including the featured Marina Lands and an ice cream treat at the end!  View annotated print-image MAP.

MEET:  Check-in at Port Credit Memorial Park at the north end by the trail exit to the Port Credit Arena parking lot at 40 Stavebank Road (map), starting at 9:30 am (must be there by 9:45 am for check-in / safety briefing).  We will be set up under the Ward One tent, kindly loaned by Councillor Stephen Dasko.  Ride ends back at the Arena parking lot.  Enjoy FREE Refreshments after the ride.


1.  Children aged 7+ may ride on their own if their parent feels they are capable.  Children may ride on the sidewalk where their parent / guardian deems it appropriate.  Children aged 6 years and under may participate if  'attached'  to a parent / guardian's bike via child trailer, bike-mounted child seat or tandem-tow.

2.  All participants (including adults) must wear a properly fitting Bike Helmet.   Please bring your own Water Bottle (we will have water refills available)Road Bikes are fine for this year's ride as the route is all-paved (hybrids, mountain bikes also OK).

3.  Please bring non-perishable food donations to the start of the ride for the Mississauga Food Bank's Thanksgiving Food Drive.


CULTURE DAYS:  The TOPCA Heritage Ride is our contribution to Culture Days (Sept 27-29, 2019).  The Port Credit waterfront, and especially the harbour area is a key part of Port Credit's cultural heritage: past, present and future!

FEATURED SITE:  We are featuring the Port Credit Harbour Marina Lands.  The Marina is gated but we have special permission from Centre City Capital to enter the site as part of this ride, in order to fully appreciate its size and scope.  The 17-acre Harbour Marina lands are to be redeveloped as a neighbourhood for up to 3000 new residents.  But first, the rocky ‘Eastern Breakwater’ must be transformed into a new road-access pier, so that full-service marina operations can relocate and continue even after the western pier is urbanized.  We’ll ride around the (working) Marina lands for a closer look.

SPECIAL POP-UP:  The EA (Environmental Assessment) Team from the City Parks Dept. for the One Port Street East Proposed Marina Project will be on-site (NE corner of the parking lot) with a pop-up display at 10:00 am – 12 noon to update the community about the Project, especially if you missed the Public Info Centre at Clarke Hall on July 18, 2019.  ALL ARE WELCOME TO DROP BY (you don't have to be part of the TOPCA ride).  This exhibit may be of special interest to residents in the Port Street area, anyone with a boat (or plans for one), and anyone enthusiastic about 'Keeping the Port in Port Credit'.  Our riders will be able to briefly check out the exhibit en route!

MARSHALLING:  We are grateful that volunteer riding marshals will be assisting on this ride.  Please ensure your bike is in good working order before you bring it to the ride (e.g. chain oiled and secure, tires pumped, gears working, appropriate seat height).  The marshals will reinforce our Safety Guidelines for Group Rides.

T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY:  We have some leftover cycling T-shirts available to give-away.  No more than one shirt per rider; quantities limited.

TOPCA's 2018 WATERFRONT HERITAGE BIKE TOUR:  Our annual FREE group bike ride for Culture Days.  This year: Heritage Bike Tour of Waterfront Development Sites on Sunday, September 30, 2018 @ 10am - 12noon Full-sized POSTER.

We meet at Port Credit Arena (map) starting at 9:30 am (must be there by 9:45 am for safety briefing).  Enjoy FREE Refreshments as well courtesy of PC West Village Partners at their site presentation!

View / download the GPS file (final).  15.4 km round-trip.  Print-image MAP

Image in Poster: TOPCA's red-painted bike planter at the Port Credit Harbour.

The TOPCA Ride is *featured* on the Mississauga section of the 2018 Culture Days website.  We are excited to provide this contribution to the understanding of Port Credit and Lakeview's waterfront heritage: past, present and future!

REGISTER:  (CLOSED) Please e-mail with the name(s) of those who will be participating, indicating any minors (i.e. if under 18) with their exact ages. We will keep you informed about the Ride, including the 2018 Waiver when it is ready for download.

ROUTE:  We will ride along the Waterfront Trail for the most part, viewing the massive development sites along the Lake Ontario waterfront where century-old industrial heritage will transform into complete mixed-use communities in Port Credit and Lakeview.  Construction sites include the 245-acre former OPG lands (future Lakeview Village) where we will ride through the property to the coal pier (future promenade!); and the 72-acre former Imperial Oil brownfield (future West Village PC) where we will receive an on-site update about the vast environmental clean-up underway. We will also be passing the Port Credit Harbour Marina Lands where mixed-use re-development is planned.  Biking lets us to cover a lot of ground and see where 30,000 additional Ward 1 residents will live!  View / download the GPS file (final).  15.4 km round-trip.

MARSHALLING:  We are grateful that volunteer riding marshals from the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee (MCAC) will be assisting on this ride.  While marshals can help with minor bicycle adjustments, please ensure your bike is in good working order before you bring it to the ride (e.g. chain oiled and secure, tires pumped, gears working, seat height).  The marshals will reinforce their 10 Safety Guidelines for Community Rides.

FREE T-SHIRTS:  We have some leftover red Canada 150 T-shirts (from last year's ride) available to give-away (TOPCA logo on the back).  NOTE: No more than one shirt per rider; other cycling T-shirt give-aways as well.


1.  All participants must sign the Waiver and Release (2p-PDF) prior to participating.  Parents / guardians must sign for minors (under 18 years old), and accompany them on the ride.

Children aged 7+ may ride on their own if their parent feels they are capable.  All children must be registered separately.  Children may ride on the sidewalk where their parent / guardian deems it appropriate.  Children aged 6 years and under may participate if  'attached'  to a parent / guardian's bike via child trailer, bike-mounted child seat or tandem-tow.  NOTE: Even infants must be registered separately.

The Waiver & Release (2p-PDF) for the TOPCA Waterfront Heritage Bike Tour (September 30, 2018) will be posted here (please print, sign, bring to the event).  Additional copies will be available at the ride check-in.

2.  All participants must wear a properly fitting Bike Helmet.   Please bring your own Water Bottle (we will have water refills available).  Hybrid Bikes (or mountain bikes) are a necessity due to some unpaved off-road trails and construction roads on the route.

3.  Please bring non-perishable food donations to the start of the ride for the Mississauga Food Bank's Thanksgiving Campaign.

View MAP of the Port Credit & Lakeview Bike Tour route.

INVITATION TO CANDIDATES:  TOPCA issued an invitation to all Ward 1 Councillor candidates to attend this Ride, with the following statement, which also applies to any other candidates in the pending municipal election, who might attend:

"No political clothing (e.g. T-shirts), regalia, literature, buttons, signs or statements, not even a name tag, on yourself or your bike, or on any supporters who might come with you.  We don’t want any riders feeling they are suddenly part of a political opportunity for the candidates.  We also want a level playing field between the candidates.  This is a chance to simply ride with fellow citizens, chat and listen, and experience the major sites as they are now.  Developers will be at the 2 major sites to answer any questions when the group arrives.

"Since members of the TOPCA Exec are conducting the Port Credit All-Candidates meeting on Oct 15, 2018, and remain neutral during the election (we will be happy to work with any one of you as our Councillor after the election!), we cannot be in any photos with you now, since we must also appear to be neutral.  We will introduce any candidates who are present, at the start of the ride, so that participants are aware and of course everyone is free to talk to whom they wish during the event.

"Our residents’ association has a collaborative approach to development and it would be lovely to have any candidates on the ride who wish to be part of our civic adventure to stay informed and engaged."

We will have a fun, competitive Summer in Port Credit, returning to "our roots" as the Sunflower Capital of Ontario! This is also a great way to "Grow our Membership."

The first opportunity to pick-up your FREE seeds is at the Re-Opening of the Port Credit Seed Library on Sat. March 25, 2017 @ 11am - 3pm.

There will be a great array of PRIZES to be won, including for some kooky categories; size does not matter (except for the tallest prize, of course).  Top prizes may include lunch with the Mayor (TBC), and a professional family portrait by Kostel, a local photographer.  There is also a gift card from Springbank Greenhouses! Free rain barrels and free mulch deliveries too! 

Mayor Bonnie Crombie grew her TOPCA sunflowers (in 2015)!

We'll distribute the seed packets!  The specially ordered variety we're using is 'Russian Mammoth'.

Click image below to view TOPCA Sunflower POSTCARD which comes inside every FREE packet of sunflower seeds.

TOPCA PAINTED BIKES PROGRAM:  We are again planting, painting and maintaining (watering) our bike planters for another year, starting in Spring 2016!  This is a photo of our Clarke Hall bike.  We appreciate the City of Mississauga for creatively planting the ground cover at the base of the bike to set it off perfectly!  See background to this project further below...

Click image to view enlargement of the Clarke Hall bike (photo dated 2013). 

The bikes are in part sponsored by the Port Credit BIA in 2015/16. Thank you!

TOPCA PAINTED BICYCLE PROJECT 2010:  We were very excited about our Association's public art/beautification project in honour of Port Credit's 175th Anniversary in 2010, with the support of our 2010 sponsors: Imperial Oil Limited and Sheridan Nurseries.  TOPCA acquired, painted and displayed several painted bicycles around Port Credit and provided the baskets and flowering plants.  City Parks staff performed the physical installations.  We have kept the project going!  TOPCA volunteers water and maintain the baskets seasonally. 

During the Fall period, volunteers maintain dried arrangements in the baskets, utilizing natural items found along the PC Waterfront Trail and local gardens.  In December, the baskets are furbished with evergreen arrangements for the winter.

In 2012, the bikes were repainted, and new plantings were done with the advice of members of Cloverleaf Garden Club, with a view to marking the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  Below is how the painting was shaping up.  We're going brighter!  Still to come: orange and bubble gum pink!  The gold bike will be the Jubilee bike.  Click images below for full-size.


Click image for enlargement -- Students are sketching the Harbour bike, freshly painted red  -- May 28, 2012





TOPCA BICYCLE PLANTER PROJECT IN BLOOM:  July 22, 2012.  Almost mid-summer and the mainstreet planters are rewarding the faithful watering by our volunteers despite the heat! 

Thanks very much to the Port Credit BIA for the donation of the brand new baskets this year, which hold the flowers much better than the old style (which were getting pretty ratty)!

Click image for enlargement.

YARN-BOMBER STRIKES PORT CREDIT: July 27, 2012.  TOPCA's painted bicycle planters are a form of "urban acupuncture" stated the Hon. Glen Murray, when he spoke at our meeting Ramping-up the Port Credit Vision in March 2011.  And now knitting needles have delivered an extra hit, as some observant yarn-bomber has made a seat cover for our Harbour bike, to cover the vandalized seat.

TOPCA volunteers couldn't find a compatible replacement for the old seat which had a unique
stem size. 

We are so grateful to the anonymous knitter who solved the problem and we have left a note in the basket with our website address. 

Click for the Wikipedia article about Yarn Bombing.  We hope to see more around town!!

Click images for full-size.
FOUND HER!  Click to see the yarn-bomber's album

Click the 'TOPCA Summer 2010 Bike Postcard' to view all the bikes shown below).

The City has mapped the locations of the Port Credit painted bike planters on the Parks webpage.  Click for the INTERACTIVE MAP to display the TOPCA bike planters by location!  Thanks to Joanne Foote in the Parks Dept. for supporting this ongoing volunteer effort! 

SPECIAL NOTE:  Some residents have been concerned about the purpose for these bikes.  These are NOT memorial bikes.  There is a world-wide custom to place painted all-white (or 'ghost') bikes at locations where cyclists have been killed:  BUT, the Port Credit bike project is to celebrate our walkable / bikeable community, and white paint has been avoided!

TOPCA BIKE PLANTER PRINT:  TOPCA is offering glossy 12x18 inch colour prints (on heavy stock) of our 'homespun' Summer 2010 (PC175) painted bike planter installations (see image below).  Each print is a GIFT with your $25.00 (or more) donation.

Impressionable Gifts (905) 271-8999 has kindly offered to have quantities (unframed) available for pick-up.  Thanks to the quick local turnaround provided by Options (which provides employment training to individuals with an intellectual disability, right here in Port Credit), we can fill orders as necessary.  

Orders may also be placed by e-mailing with your name, address, phone and # of copies required.

NOTE:  A $25.00 donation does not constitute TOPCA membership, but please do consider joining TOPCA while you're at it!  Click for the TOPCA Membership webpage.

QUEEN'S DIAMOND JUBILEE CELEBRATION:   Could it be?  The 'Queen' and 'Prince Philip' arrived in Port Credit on July 2, 2012 as part of the Mississauga South Diamond Jubilee celebration.  The Queen was greeted by our MP, MPP and Councillor.  Everybody played it straight -- what fun!

Monday, July 2 @ 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

at J.C. SADDINGTON PARK (map) in Port Credit. 


Community organizations including:
Town of Port Credit Assn (TOPCA)
Lakeview Ratepayers Assn (LRA)
Port Credit BIA
Clarkson BIA

are collaborating to present this Community Picnic in honour of the Queen's Diamond (60th) Jubilee.

'Queen Elizabeth II' has graciously accepted an invitation to arrive in Port Credit Harbour by yacht, to the sound of a 3-cannon salute!  Her Majesty along with 'Prince Philip' will be driven over the Credit River bridge in 'Victory Red' to Saddington Park, where she will conduct a walkabout after being welcomed by (real)  dignitaries MP Stella Ambler, MPP Charles Sousa and Ward 1 Councillor Jim Tovey
Many family activities are planned including children's games (with prizes) and a model boat flotilla on Saddington Pond.  A fire engine will visit.  Prizes awarded for the best theme costume and the best “garden party" hat.  PLEASE COME OUT AND GIVE A ROYAL WELCOME TO HER MAJESTY AND JOIN IN THE FUN!!  FREE STUFF FOR THE KIDS!! 


11:50 a.m. Queen and Prince Philip leave PCYC (in Lakeview) by yacht with entourage
12:30 p.m. Royal Party arrives and is greeted at the Snug Harbour dock (Port Credit Harbour)
12:45 p.m. Queen and entourage arrive at J.C. Saddington Park in 'Victory Red' vehicle
12:50 p.m. Dignitaries greet the Queen with brief remarks in the amphitheatre area
1:15 p.m.   Queen does walkabout at the BIG LUNCH and then departs
1:30 p.m.   Children's games with prizes and giveaways

Click images for full-size POSTER & info about the Diamond Jubilee.

TOPCA WINS BEST FLOAT!!  To help promote the Big Jubilee Lunch on July 2, TOPCA sponsored a float in the Port Credit Canada Day parade featuring monarchs from past centuries, including Elizabeth I.  TOPCA members pulled together to provide the flat bed, decorations and royal players complete with authentic costumes.  THANKS AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE VOLUNTEERS!!

Click images for enlargements.








PORT CREDIT HERITAGE BIKE TOUR: Join TOPCA's Heritage Bike Tour of Port Credit and Clarkson for Culture Days: Sunday, September 27, 2015 @ 10am - 12noon.  We meet at the Port Credit Arena (map) starting at 9:30 am & by 9:45 am.

In 2014 we toured the east side of Port Credit for Culture Days (click for interactive map of the eastside tour).  This year we will tour the west side of Port Credit and go as far as the two (2) museums in Clarkson! (17.8 km round-trip).

Click for 2015 interactive GPS map.

NOTE: All participants must wear a bike helmet, and must sign the Waiver and Release prior to participating.  Copies of the Waiver will be available for signing at the start point before we leavePlease bring your own water bottle

FREE event.  Go to TOPCA's Culture Days webpage to indicate you'll attend or please e-mail that you're riding with us! We'll provide a free frozen treat at Bradley House.

TOPCA CYCLING TOUR OF PORT CREDIT:  TOPCA's 1st Cycling Tour of Port Credit was held on June 27, 2010 to highlight all the special places in our walkable/bikeable village, followed by a community picnic.  This was in honour of Port Credit's 175th Anniversary.  The Cycling Tour was designed as an informal outing by anyone with a bike in their garage who would like to try out a cycling route around Port Credit which could then be provided as a self-guided tour for anyone, anytime. 

ROUTE: Approximately 20 km and takes about 1.5 - 2 hours to complete, including stops for photos and discussion.  The route includes a ride-past of the painted bicycle planters (see above) which TOPCA has created.  There is thorough coverage of Port Credit parks, public art, landmarks, heritage spots, neighbourhoods and cycling paths, with forays into adjoining districts to the East, West and North: e.g. Lakeview (Adamson Estate) and Mineola.  Participants contributed to the fine-tuning of this Port Credit bike route for all to enjoy (including tourists) in the future.   

Click to view the MAP of the 20km Port Credit route.