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55 Port Street East

APPROVAL SOUGHT: Tuesday, October 15, 2019 @ 6:00 pm (as rescheduled) at City Hall (Council Chamber) re: Revised 9-storey, 35-unit condo building proposal at 55 Port Street East.  Updated Meeting Notice (2p PDF; p1 posted at left).  This is a Public Meeting at the Planning and Development Committee.

UPDATE: Application *APPROVED*Rationale (Planning slide).

Can't Attend?  The meeting will be live-streamed (and later archived by date) here.

See: TOPCA Facebook posting for comment.

70-page Planning Staff Supplementary (Recommendation) Report is posted within the PDC Agenda (Item 4.4) for October 15, 2019 (direct link), starting on page 83 (to p151) of the PDF.  Approval "recommended".

THE PLANNING COMMITTEE: Most Councillors + the Mayor comprise the standing PDC.  The developer may make a presentation about their revised Application.  The Supplementary Report will be presented by Planning Staff, including responses to public comments made at the previous PDC meeting of April 15, 2019 (see below), and a Recommendation to approve or refuse the application.  PDC will then hear first-hand the response of residents.

View the TOPCA Presentation to PDC: April 15, 2019 (29-slide PDF) entitled "55 Port Street East: Information & Perspective".  This Presentation does not seek to pre-empt the local residents' own process, but rather to gather Port Street issues together and provide context & commentary: past, present and future, based on our volunteer citizen experience.

As stated in our Presentation:  "We have not created a subcommittee of TOPCA for this neighbourhood [development].  It was not necessary -- the residents have formed their own consensus and speak for themselves. ... TOPCA does appreciate having been copied on many resident emails sent to the Planner and the Councillor, which has greatly assisted our understanding of the local concerns."  See additional quotes here.

NOTE:  Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Dasko held a Community Meeting about this application at Clarke Hall in February 2019 (Meeting Notice) which was attended by over 180 residents, many from the Port Street area.  The level of local resident engagement has remained high.  The Councillor and Planning Staff have heard fully from those Port Street residents who have become involved in the process, and have maintained a dialogue.

VIEW COMPARISON: As outlined in the Planning Staff Supplementary (Recommendation) Report, view corridors are a key differential between a wider 6-storey building [as of right] and the proposed (narrower) 9-storey building* (both with 35 units).  Renderings in the Report illustrate the differing views from several vantage points (including from adjacent residences) between the 6-storey and 9-storey building concepts, submitted by the applicant as part of the resubmission materials in May 2019.  *This image has not been revised to remove the 10th storey, as documented further below.

Below: Concept images for the two (2) comparative building massings (6 vs 9-storey).

Below are visual excerpts from the Planning (Recommendation) Report, Sept. 2019:  Aerial 3D Model of proposed 9-storey condo; Comments on Revised (May 2019) Development Proposal; Angular Plane diagram (click images below to enlarge).


SPECIAL POP-UP:  Sunday, September 29, 2019 @ 10am - 12noon. The EA (Environmental Assessment) Team from the City Parks Dept. for the One Port Street East Proposed Marina Project will be on-site (NE corner of the parking lot) with a pop-up display to update the community about the Project, especially if you missed the Public Info Centre at Clarke Hall on July 18, 2019.

ALL ARE WELCOME TO DROP BY (you don't have to be part of the TOPCA ride, per Poster).

This exhibit may be of special interest to residents in the Port Street area, anyone with a boat (or plans for one), and anyone enthusiastic about 'Keeping the Port in Port Credit'.  The TOPCA Heritage Bike Tour riders will be able to briefly check out the exhibit en route!


RESUBMISSION:  May 2019 - The development proposal for 55 Port Street East has recently been revised and resubmitted by the applicant. The revised application, reflecting requests made by Planning staff subsequent to the last Public Meeting (April 15, 2019), is under review by City departments.

Height is reduced to nine (9) storeys from the ten (10) storeys shown in the images and presentations further below.  The rooftop mechanical housing remains an additional 1.5 storeys in height.

The brick facade / podium on the west side (facing the St Lawrence Park parking lot) is increased in height from 2-storeys to 3-storeys.  The portion of the building above the north-facing brick facade / podium is set further back.

Revised documentation has been received from the City Planning Dept. that needed to be amended (by the applicant) to accommodate the redesign to 9-storeys.  NOTE: These are large-page files and some may take a little longer to open.

Concept Plan - May 2019  (15p PDF)  Architectural Package including all elevations.

Shadow Study - May 2019  (21p PDF)

Grading and Servicing Plans - May 2019  (2p PDF)

NOTE: TOPCA has asked FRAM for revised colour renderings to visually convey the changes to the building design.  We received the following information:

"Unfortunately, we do not have revised renderings at this time.  As part of the latest rounds of City comments and discussion with Urban Design at the City it was agreed we would update the massings / renderings at the Site Plan stage.  As such we did not revise the [ ten-storey front; rear ] renderings, however the previous rendering is accurate in shape and design with the exception of it being 1 storey less."

North (L) and West (R) elevations shown here (excerpted from the revised Concept Plan).


TOPCA PRESENTATION: April 15, 2019 at the Planning & Development Committee of City Council.  PDC meeting details below.

"The Choice isn’t between a building and no building, it is between a wider 6-storey building [as of right] and a narrower 10-storey building, with all the pros and cons entailed.  The immediate residents have the right to make their Choice and advocate for it.  The Choice needs to be clear.

"The Decision is a political / planning construct and it’s good to note both the Councillor and the Planning staff are ensuring they hear fully from the residents and are maintaining a dialogue."

View the TOPCA Presentation to PDC: April 15, 2019 (29-slide PDF).

APPLICATION DOCUMENTS: Councillor Stephen Dasko has posted the (31) PDF files (e.g. Wind Study, Shadow Study) pertaining to the development application for 55 Port Street East, as discussed by Residents and City Staff at the Planning and Development Committee (PDC) Meeting of April 15, 2019.

View the list of available files (with links) on the Councillor's website.

PDC MEETING: Monday, April 15, 2019 @ 7:00 pm at City Hall (Council Chamber) re: the 10-storey condo building proposal at 55 Port Street East Meeting Notice (2p PDF; p1 posted at left).  Public Meeting at the Planning and Development Committee (PDC).  The TOPCA Presentation at this PDC meeting is posted above.

The 40-page Planning Staff Information Report is re-posted within the PDC Agenda (Item 4.1) for April 15, 2019 (direct link), which starts on page 5 (to p41) of the PDF.  This Report records public and other agency comments received to date, including at the Community Meeting on February 11, 2019 (see below).

Can't Attend?  The meeting will be live-streamed (and later archived by date) here.

NOTE: The evening PDC Meeting was scheduled per request by Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Dasko in light of the PDC Time Change issue, to enable the fullest public attendance and participation.  At this time, City staff will be listening to public comments and recording them for a Supplementary Report.

INFORMATION REPORT: At the March 18, 2019 (1:30 pm) PDC meeting (Notice with TOPCA annotation in red), the Planning Dept.'s Information Report about the application was Received.  The full Public Meeting component will take place at the evening session with the same Report.

THE PLANNING COMMITTEE: All Councillors + the Mayor comprise PDC and will hear first-hand what is said by the residents at the evening Public Meeting.  The developer will make a presentation about the Application.  Planning staff may make a presentation as well.  NO DECISION is made at this step in the process, but Councillors can ask questions of Planning staff to enhance their understanding, and residents may also ask questions or make comments.

NEXT STEP: Public input at the evening PDC Meeting will be noted for the Supplementary Report to be issued in a few months, which will contain the Planning staff recommendation to PDC regarding approval (or not) of the application.

COMMUNITY MEETING: Monday, February 11, 2019 @ 7:00 pm at Clarke Hall in Port Credit (Notice, in sidebar).  Hosted by Ward 1 Councillor Stephen Dasko re: the 10-storey condo building proposal (FRAM Building Group) at 55 Port Street East.  Planning and Transportation staff will attend. FRAM will present their plan.  ALL WELCOME.

NOTE: TOPCA reps attended an overview presentation by the FRAM development team on January 24, 2019 to learn details of their latest (revised) proposal, in preparation for the Port Credit Community Meeting on February 11, 2019.  Port Street residents from the adjacent condominium buildings and townhouses were also given four separate presentations in January 2019.  The Ward 1 Councillor and/or his staff were in attendance at these meetings.

NEXT STEP:  All public comments at the Community Meeting will be recorded for an Information Report (along with all e-mails, etc. received from anyone in the community) which will be formally presented at a statutory Public Meeting (under the Planning Act) before the Planning and Development Committee (PDC) of Council.


View the FRAM PDC Presentation Slides dated: March 18, 2019 (9p PDF).

View the FRAM Community Presentation Slides dated: February 11, 2019 (18p PDF).

Excerpts: (February 11, 2019)

Port Credit site context MAP (per PC Local Area Plan).  Edits in red made by TOPCA.

FRAM Concept View on Port Street East (south side).

FRAM Concept View at rear, from Waterfront Trail.