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42-46 Park St. East & 23 Elizabeth St. North

UPDATE: February 2022 - PUBLIC MEETING: Virtual statutory meeting on Monday, February 14, 2022 @ 6:00 pm at the City's Planning and Development Committee (PDC).

View PDC Agenda (Item 5.3).  The Recommendation Report (6p PDF) is now posted as an attachment, and "concludes that the proposed official plan amendment and rezoning applications are not acceptable from a planning standpoint and should not be approved."

Participate in the meeting to give your comments by following the instructions in the Recommendation Report Notice (2p PDF - click partial image at left to zoom).

TOPCA has provided a Letter to PDC: February 13, 2022.

The PDC meeting will be *streamed live* online for those wishing to observe.  Click here to view the PDC meeting at the appointed time.

UPDATE: November 2021 - UNDER APPEAL: Edenshaw has appealed to the Ontario Land Tribunal.  The hearing will take place in 2022.

APPLICATION FILED:  June 23, 2020.  Edenshaw's 22-storey condo proposal is situated on a site presently occupied by four 2-storey single-detached residential dwellings and two 1-storey detached garages.  The site is currently designated for maximum 15 storeys under the Port Credit Local Area Plan and zoned for 8 storeys.  The Application seeks Official Plan and Zoning By-law ammendments to permit 22 storeys and increased density of 258 residential units including six (6) 2-storey units at grade and 200 parking spaces (a ratio of .78 versus the standard of 1.1 - 1.2) in reflection of the building's proximity to the Port Credit mobility hub.

At present there is no planned Community Meeting in Port Credit, nor a scheduled Statutory Meeting at the City's Planning and Development Committee (PDC) due to COVID-19.

PUBLIC COMMENT (2): See: TOPCA Facebook posting (August 28, 2020) to provide additional comments on the application, based on the Edenshaw Presentation, and TOPCA Commentary, posted in the paragraphs below.

UPDATED PRESENTATION: TOPCA reps and some members attended a virtual Stakeholder meeting and presentation by the Edenshaw development team on August 11, 2020 in order to participate in a broader community discussion.  Based on considerable feedback received, Edenshaw revised their presentation and has provided an interim slide deck which indicates some redesign is underway e.g. to the additional 3-storey(!) rooftop structure.  The Stakeholders group is awaiting statistics re: size and distribution of unit types in the building.  View: Edenshaw Presentation to Stakeholders - August 11, 2020 (revised; 77p PDF).

PUBLIC COMMENT (1): Residents were invited to use the first TOPCA Facebook posting (June 29, 2020) to provide initial comments on the application by July 24, 2020.  TOPCA consolidated all public input received.  View: Resident Feedback and TOPCA Executive Commentary - July 24, 2020 (3p PDF) as submitted to the City Planning Dept.

OVERVIEW PRESENTATION: TOPCA reps attended an overview presentation by the Edenshaw development team on June 12, 2020 to learn details of their proposal in advance of the Application.  Originally the proposal was to be an as-of-right 15-storey building but the Applicant decided to go higher.  The presentation (link just below) graphically compares the two height scenarios in detail...
View: Edenshaw Presentation to TOPCA (June 12, 2020) (18p PDF).

View: Existing Zoning and General Context Map (1p PDF).

View: Site Plan and Statistics dated: May 1, 2020 (1p PDF).

View: Edenshaw's aerial site context photo/map (1p PDF) submitted with their application.  NOTE: There are errors in the street names.  Below is an excerpted image created and corrected by TOPCA for context display purposes (click for larger image).

Below: Applicant’s renderings of the proposed 22-storey building including six (6) 2-storey 'townhouse' units at grade on Elizabeth Street.  NOTE: Balcony railings are made of metal, not glass.  Click images to zoom.

WALKABOUT: View the existing 42-46 Park Street East block and 23 Elizabeth Street North using Google Maps street view.